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Hi! We’re Lavanya and Pawel – two backpackers hailing from India and Poland.

We want this blog to be the place where we share all our adventures, stories and travel tips with our readers, from wherever in the world we are.

Sounds exciting? Curious to know how it all pans out? Don’t worry we shall keep you updated along the way! – Do grab the RSS feed here or enter your email id here.


Picture of LavanyaMeet Lavanya:

Hails from – Bangalore, India.

Has lived in – India, France, U.A.E

Job – Human Resource professional

My favourite things about travel – Train journeys, delicious street food and all the random unplanned things that occur along the way which makes it even better!

And the not so favourite – Early morning schedules. Bleh!

Travelled to – France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Vatican City, Poland, Oman, Jordan, Syria, Myanmar, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore

Favourite travel experience yet – Scuba diving in the Red Sea.

Looking forward to on the trip – Traveling in Iran, scrumptious Thai food, couch surfing experience, meeting other travelers along the way.

Often heard saying – “I’m hungry”.

A few words from Lavanya: As an Indian travelling is only that much more of a challenge what with all the visa hassles that we have to face thanks to our passport and also the lack of information for budget travelers from India. I hope this blog will not only encourage many more like me back home who share similar dreams but also prove that you don’t have to win a lottery in order to travel the world!


Meet Pawel:Meet Pawel - icedchai.com

Hails from – Rabka, Poland

Has lived in – Poland, India, USA

Job – Business development analyst

My favourite things about travel – Meeting new people.

And the not so favourite – Being cheated by taxi drivers!

Travelled to – India, Nepal, UAE, Jordan, Syria, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden

Favourite travel experience yet – Flight over the highest peaks of Himalayas.

Looking forward to on the trip – Exciting photo opportunities, trying new food, meeting local people on the way.

Often heard saying – “Lavanya, let’s go already…”

A few words from Pawel: Traveling has always been a passion and the year long trip a dream. For me the backpacking experience (which is definitely my favorite way of travelling) is only complete when seeing new places goes along with meeting new people, learning about the local culture, history or even politics. It’s not always easy but almost always changes the way you think – and for me that’s the most important thing that travelling can give you.

We hope you will find this website useful, entertaining, informative and most of all inspirational to perhaps plan your own unique travel experience to a place where no one knows your name or speaks your language!

We would love to hear from you whether it’s feedback, suggestions or comments. You may also share your ideas of where you think we should head to next, or if you know of ‘this great place we just shouldn’t miss’ in the next country. Though we do have a list of our own, our style of travelling allows us a lot of freedom for change and diversion which we will gladly make use of if needed. Do feel free to get in touch with us – drop in a word.