Photos: Funky Rickshaws of Malacca

19 January 2012 | By Pawel

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Malacca is a pleasant post-colonial city located in the south of Malaysia. When we first arrived there, we knew that the districts of Portuguese-Dutch Old Town, Chinatown and Little India are for sure worthwhile – not only for the sake of seeing them as three separate places but also to observe how all three different communities developed within the same city. Because of the coexistence of different cultures we were also hoping for some good culinary mix.

All of the above was there but there was also something that we completely didn’t expect to see and what we stumbled upon right in front of the Christ Church, in the middle of the colonial Old Town.

It was rickshaws.

The first thought that came to my mind after seeing them was – “Is this the carnival time or something?”. Only after having a closer look at them I realized that they are just the “regular” tourist rickshaws that operate most of the 365 days in a year!

I generally don’t like excess noise so they seemed even more hilarious to me when I realized that the most of the vehicles were fully equipped with their own sound systems blazing out music much to the enjoyment or annoyance of their passengers.

After spending some time taking the pictures of the rickshaws and their drivers, it became quite clear to me that many tourists didn’t share my concept of the background music and actually found it amusing to be driven around the city to the accompaniment of music at almost deafening volume levels coming from the speakers placed right behind their backs.

Leaving aside my personal preferences, those rickshaws were definitely a touristic sight of its own. Here you can see what I’m exactly talking about:

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  1. Erika says:

    Holy crap, how did this phenomenon come into existence to begin with? It looks a bit bizarre… in a good way?

    • Pawel says:

      Hi Erika! I have no idea how they came to existence but I’m sure that the one who came up with these decorations must have been quite a personality :)

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