Travel Photo of the Week – vol. 07

29 October 2011 | By Pawel

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Iran is a surprising country when it comes to its landscapes. It isn’t quite just dry and sandy as most of the countries in the Middle East. During our first few days here, we had to regretfully leave the company of the new friends we’d made in Tabriz and head on to the other places on our way to Tehran. One of them was the ‘Castle of the Assassins’ located below the Alborz mountains in the north of Tehran. This place has an interesting history.  Home to the leader of the feared and mercenary group of the heretic Ismaili sect – Hassan E Sabbah, who led them to assassinate and kidnap several political and religious leaders, convincing them that they would go to Paradise for their deeds, all the while keeping them stoned on hash. Giving the group their name ‘Hashish-iyun’ root of the English word – ‘Assassin’

The castle is located above the mountain over-looking a small village Gazor Khan and offers spectacular views.  The best part is that barring 2 guards stationed there, we were the only 2 tourists around.

View from one of the Assassins Castles in Alborz Mountains, Iran

View from one of the Assassins Castles in Alborz Mountains, Iran

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  1. Dharmit Shah says:

    That’s a really awesome view !!!

  2. mik says:

    the best photo of the week so far :)

  3. Now THAT is beautiful.. and an Assassin’s Castle!!! woooow!

  4. Afsaaneh says:

    Veryyyy Good!

  5. ashwin says:

    wow..are those autumn colors?

  6. Dj smith says:

    We visited the castle at alamut. Two or three times before the revolution together with our young family. It is a fantastic place and full of atmosphere. I can hardly believe we went there and climbed to the top. I would love to go back! During our time in Iran, we used a wonderful book caled “Travels with a Paykhan” and travelled to many fascinating out of the way places and we were always treated with courtesy and friendship

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