Travel Photo of the Week – vol. 08

23 November 2011 | By Pawel

Topics: Iran, Photography, Places


This picture was taken at the tomb of perhaps Iran’s most loved and celebrated poet – Hafez, in the city of Shiraz. A country once known across the world for its prose and poetry, is today hardly remembered for the same.

It was incredible to watch the reactions of the people who came here, almost like they were visiting a shrine of a saint. Some of them came here and read their favourite poems of Hafez while others kissed or touched the tomb with respect and a lot of emotion.

It seemed to me that this little girl who came there with her family didn’t quite understand what Hafez means to Iranians and was thus simply distracted by the foreigner with a camera.


Here is one of the poems written by Hafez translated into English (‘My Brilliant Image’):


One day the sun admitted,

I am just a shadow.

I wish I could show you

The Infinite Incandescence

That has cast my brilliant image!

I wish I could show you,

When you are lonely or in darkness,

The astonishing Light

Of your own Being!

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2 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Gaurav Kapil says:

    Praise be to God! What wealth I possess tonight!
    For my Beloved came to me all of a sudden tonight.

    When I saw the Loved Face, I made obeisance.
    By the grace of God, I am immensely happy tonight.

    My infinite patience has achieved this Union.
    I am reaping the reward of that patience, and am fortunate tonight.

    My slumbering fortune has awakened at last;
    The most auspicious night of my life is tonight.

    I am resolved that even if I lose my head,
    I will remove the veil from the world tonight.

    My blood will write “Anal Haq” (“I am the Truth”) on the Earth,
    Even if they hang me like Mansur (al-Hallaj) on the scaffold tonight.

    You (the Beloved) possess divine wealth, and I am the needy one;
    Give me the alms of your glory, and make me blissful tonight.

    There is a fear that Hafiz will be obliterated
    By this ecstasy which I possess tonight.

  2. Rajan says:

    Its rare that a translated poem carries the spirit of the original. But this one does, and i think its the charisma of the idea which carries it across.

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