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  1. Mayank says:


    Besides your blog about the places, I also liked the pictures. I have just started using DSLR (Nokia D5100). I know that setting depends on the light, but I have observed that you are not using flash (I may be wrong). Can you share your camera settings… will help me when I visit the same place in end of this month. With basic setting idea, it will help me to make minor changes. :)


    • Pawel says:

      Hi Mayank,

      Well camera settings are quite a broad topic. But you’re right we normally do avoid using the inbuilt flash even when it’s dark, as it makes the pictures look quite flat. Instead we just increase aperture and ISO while decreasing the shutter speed, to get more light in. On your camera model the maximum ISO is 6400 and if you’re using the kit lens the maximum aperture should be around 3.5-5.6 (lower the no, the bigger aperture).

      However you can change these settings only when you’re out of ‘Auto’ mode. If you’ve only just started using the DSLR, I would suggest you start with one of the semi-automatic modes on your Nikon such as A (aperture) or S (shutter) to get more comfortable with the settings and how to change them.

      Also if you’re interested in reading more about photography, I can recommend a book I quite liked when I first started getting into photography – “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson.

      Hope this helps! :)

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